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Furniture restoration offers you two huge benefits the first being you are able to create a new style for your home without over spending, the second being you are able to preserve the value of your furniture, especially if you have antique furniture.


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Rae Hurley

Experienced, knowledgeable and friendly.

Clients Say

Mendel’s staff have provided us with restoration services in the most professional manner. From the start, the entire team was dedicated and enthusiastic about the project. The finished product is excellent. It is handsomely made, practical in design and pleasing to the eye.

Kendrick Johnson,


From start to finish, the work of this great team exceeded my expectations. It was a wonderful experience to work with Mendel’s team on the design and creation of this beautiful piece of furniture. We love the result, and work was reasonably priced for work of that high quality.

Jane Down,

Los Angeles

Excellent customer service, polite and friendly with good products and great prices! The quality of the workmanship is tremendous, also care and attention to detail throughout the project gave us great confidence and peace of mind!

Paul Bradley,

New York
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